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How to win at digital disruption

Nathan Cohen

The wave of digital disruption that’s cresting right now is more comprehensive and far reaching than any previous wave, thanks to advances in technology: AI, big data, robotics and more.

As a result, the prevailing business models in your industry could radically change. Industries from entertainment to retail have already been profoundly affected. Yet most companies still aren’t moving fast enough to meet this change.

Writing for Strategy+Business, Mathias Herzog, Tom Puthiyamadam and Nils Naujok say the answer is to develop a coherent strategy, seeking out the options that fit best with what you already do well. They set out ten principles for accomplishing this, drawn from the experience of companies that have already done so.

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Source Article: Ten Principles For Winning The Game Of Digital Disruption
Author(s): Mathias Herzog, Tom Puthiyamadam and Nils Naujok
Publisher: Strategy+Business