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Human touch: Making the digital personal

Social distancing creates emotional distance between companies and their customers. Find out how to bridge the gap.

Being separated from the people and places we usually take for granted is a major fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. But by humanising the virtual experience in your business, you can offer some of the comforting connections we are all craving, writes Olaf Acker for Strategy+Business.

“Your first question… shouldn’t be, ‘How can I grab market share?’ or even, ‘How do I boost my top line to counteract the economic carnage I’m facing?’ Your most pressing question should be, ‘How do I support my customers right now in a meaningful, human, and relevant way?’”

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Source Article: Redefining Customer Experience: Connecting in the Time of COVID-19
Author(s): Olaf Acker
Publisher: Strategy+Business