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In a crisis, know your purpose

A crisis brings values to the fore. Focus on the core questions: why do we exist? Why are we here? Whose needs are we here to meet?

Though we were talking about the purpose of business before COVID-19, the topic is even more important now. Writing for Strategy+Business, Sally Blount and Paul Leinwand say this moment provides an opportunity, and a spur, for all organisations to ground themselves in their purpose.


Healthcare employees have an obvious role. But all sectors have a part to play. Scholastic is creating new home-teaching materials. Clorox is expanding production of germ-killing products. Food retailers are staying open, despite the danger. Other companies are guaranteeing employee salaries during shutdowns, and repurposing production lines to focus on the most needed life and safety products.

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Source Article: In A Crisis, Companies Must Know Their Purpose
Author(s): Sally Blount and Paul Leinwand
Publisher: Strategy+Business