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Innovation is at the heart of any great business. But how do you know which ideas are worth pursuing? These articles will show you how to harness creativity in your business and how to keep innovating and trying new things. You'll learn how to stop wasting time and why failure can be positive. 

Turn a business concept into business success

Whose business is it in an organization to look for ‘concepts’?

Because concepts can occur to anyone at any time, it is everyone’s business to look for concepts. Like many things that are ‘everyone’s business’, concepts end up by being no one’s business. Of course, corporate strategy teams do a lot of concept thinking.

Turning ideas into income

Innovation is widely considered to be the best approach for extracting maximum value from assets old and new. In the high-growth ICT sector, where markets are world-wide, barriers to entry are low, and there is always a small start-up waiting to take over, innovation may well be the best approach for long-term survival.

How to focus and get more creative in two easy steps

There are some people who always seem to be starting new projects.

These projects are not always very sound and not even particularly creative. The point is that such people seem motivated to be proactive, whereas most people seem to be reactive.

Parallel thinking: the six hats method

The use of the Six Hats method is now growing rapidly around the world. Those who have become familiar with the method look back at argument as crude, primitive and ego-driven.

Why there is no alternative to teamwork

Teamwork is one of the rallying cries of the new management.

Renew your strategy - or die

You don't change for its own sake - you change to realise the strategic vision.

Lateral thinking: Edward de Bono's PO

One of the most important weapons in the armoury of the lateral thinker is another invention of Edward de Bono’s - PO.

Challenge is of the essence of lateral thought, and the meaningless word PO is a meaningful way of challenging a statement or idea. Edward’s seminal book on lateral thinking contains the following very useful guide to the grammatical use of PO.

When new ideas produce business success

Ordering some books for my American grandson’s Christmas present, I remembered that my bookseller, Amazon, had played a most significant part in both the reality and the folklore of electronic revolution.

Developing new business ideas

Husband and wife team Andrew and Mary Bragg have written an unusual and highly effective guide to ‘Developing New Business Ideas’. As you would hope, the book is full of unusual and effective approaches. For example, the authors, like most writers on cerebration, tell you about the right brain (intuitive) and left (logical) which determine your thought patterns.

Ten innovatory ideas

Here are ten steps to help innovation...


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