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Invest in your company culture

What makes a company culture great? To answer this question, Michael O’Malley and Bill Baker spent three years researching the best places to work in the US.

They chose 21 organisations known for their great cultures, including Patagonia, The Motley Fool and Edmunds.com. Michael O’Malley shares their findings in a recent article for Harvard Business Review – which boil down to five common themes.

1) Put people first. The best places to work provide people with life satisfaction – not just job satisfaction. Build companies with people in mind. A healthy culture is as important as a healthy balance sheet. Among other generous workplace benefits, San Francisco grocer Bi-Rite Market pays profit sharing between 2% to 6% of salaries. As a result, many people who work at Bi-Rite have done so for generations.

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Source Article: What the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ Do Differently
Author(s): Michael O'Malley
Publisher: Harvard Business Review