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Is your commitment to racial justice real?

When it comes to ensuring customers respect your brand, honesty is as important as the message.

Standing up for racial justice is high on the agenda for companies across the world, reflecting the strength of feeling championed by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Writing for Harvard Business Review, marketing professors Geeta Menon and Tina Kiesler explain that how your business demonstrates its commitment to racial issues dictates the way consumers assess your authenticity.


“A majority of Americans of all generations say that how a brand responds to racial justice protests will influence whether they buy or boycott the brand in the future.” Millennial and Gen Z consumers feel particularly strongly about this issue, with a recent survey finding that 69% of people from these groups believe brands should be actively involved in the BLM movement.

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Source Article: When a Brand Stands up for Racial Justice, Do People Buy It?
Author(s): Geeta Menon and Tina Kiesler
Publisher: Harvard Business Review