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Isn’t it time you appointed a digital executive?

Michael Kidner 3

If your business is reaching a relatively mature stage of digital competence, should you now be looking for someone at executive level to manage its digital transformation?

Pierre Peladeau, Mathias Herzog and Olaf Acker, writing for Strategy+Business, examine the trend for hiring strong digital leaders and summarise the challenges they face.

Studies show an increase in the number of executives with responsibility for implementing the digital ambitions of large public companies. These are referred to as chief digital officers (CDOs) by the authors, although actual job titles vary. Often members of the organisation’s C-suite, some CDOs may be as high-ranking as director or vice-president.

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Source Article: The New Class Of Digital Leaders
Author(s): Pierre Peladeau, Mathias Herzog and Olaf Acker
Publisher: Strategy+Business