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It’s time to make your business bionic

Renny Tait

If you want to replicate the success of “bionic enterprises” such as Apple and Amazon, you will have to be at the forefront of a “bionic transformation” at your company, write John Sviokla and Kelly Barnes for Strategy+Business.

In 2018, Apple and Amazon became the world’s first trillion-dollar companies. It’s no surprise that these two companies, and others like them, such as Alibaba and Alphabet, attract the most talented people and are some of the most innovative in the world. They are powerful – and so everything they touch turns to gold.

For Miles Everson and Kelly Barnes, partners with PwC US, and John Sviokla, a retired partner with PwC US, these “bionic enterprises” combine digital prowess, human ingenuity and strategic purpose to take advantage of a “quiet revolution in the sources of wealth that businesses deploy and create – the first such major shift since the industrial revolution”.

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Source Article: Leading A Bionic Transformation
Author(s): Miles Everson, John Sviokla and Kelly Barnes
Publisher: Strategy+Business