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"Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things." – Peter Drucker. We bring together the best leadership thinking from around the world. These leadership articles provide the knowledge and inspiration you need to be a great leader.

Jeff Immelt on transforming General Electric

GE CEO, Jeff Immelt, has turned the 125-year-old conglomerate into a startup.

As he prepares to leave his job, Immelt’s shares his own insights on how to achieve corporate transformation.

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Protect your project from the cycle of doubt

A project can get caught in a “cycle of doubt” if stakeholders question its progress and pull support.

Here's how to be aware of common triggers and take action to maintain momentum.

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How to make the most of ‘multiteaming’

Many workers these days are members of multiple concurrent teams.

While 'multiteaming' increases efficiency and knowledge sharing, it also creates costs and challenges. Here are the solutions to some of these problems.

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Want to lead the next industrial revolution?

Digitisation is ushering in a dramatic change to the infrastructure underlying industrial civilisation.

If you want to be a leader of the “next industrial revolution”, you must act now.

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How to fine-tune your vision for effective change

Driving successful change isn’t simply about knowing what you want to achieve and getting the economics and technology right.

If you want your teams fully engaged, you will need to create and communicate an appealing vision of a better future.

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Five steps to being a better boss

You've started your own company. You are a successful entrepreneur – so successful that you have been able to hire people to work for you. You are the boss. Finally.

But being a good boss is not the same as being a good entrepreneur.

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Isn't it time you appointed a digital executive?

Your business is reaching a relatively mature stage of digital competence. Isn't it time you appointed a digital executive?

Whatever your circumstances, choose a chief digital officer with the ability to overcome these key obstacles.

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Succeed at digitisation by treating it as an emergency

Treat digitisation as a crisis that’s happening right now by taking the sort of decisive action normally reserved for emergencies.

If you wait for digitisation to disrupt your markets, you’ve already left it too late.

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Seven ways to land the big deal

Megadeals are the holy grail for many organisations. It’s not unusual for 40% of projected revenues to come from just 1% of deals.

Losing one can mean missing revenue targets. But winning one on the wrong terms can destroy value because of bad pricing or terms and conditions.

Here are seven ways to win the right megadeals.


Make learning creative and dynamic in your firm

Top-down formal training methods popular during the 1990s do not equip staff to deal with unpredictability and rapid change, write John Hagel III and John Seely for Harvard Business Review.

Instead of relying on process manuals to tell staff what to do, empower them to learn on the job, creating knowledge and developing new ways to share it.


How to compete in the new borderless economy

The onward march of digitisation will change the nature of the game for everyone – including your company – over the next ten years.

It's time to recognise and accept this impending change and create a gameplan for a borderless economy.

Here are your four new critical priorities. 

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Engaging employees who struggle with change

When you instigate any change in your organisation there will always be team members who cling doggedly to the status quo.

But ignoring the dissenters can build a virtual wall between those with conflicting viewpoints and encourage a culture of “us” and “them”.

Here's how to steer the two sides to meet in the middle.


Should your leaders seek dominance or prestige?

The two key motivations driving people to become leaders are dominance and prestige.

But which trait will work best in your organisation? And do you need someone capable of displaying both?

Here's how to find the leader who best suits your organisation’s culture and goals.

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Five tips for success when you’ve inherited a mess

It pays to avoid classic pitfalls when the business you take on has been left in a mess by your predecessor. Taking over leadership of any business, especially as an outsider, is a challenge. 

Over half the leaders who take over a mess will have failed within a year and a half.

Here are five ways to avoid stepping on the land mines that were left for you.


Why meetings should never mix strategy and operations

As a senior executive, you need to balance the long-term strategic and short-term operational needs of your company. This is not easy, writes Sabina Nawaz for Harvard Business Review, when meetings so readily become dominated by day-to-day concerns.

Here's how to maintain your focus on the long term and stick to the bigger picture.


Seven steps to forming a new habit

If you want to form and sustain a new habit you should adopt the “7S Model”, writes Steven MacGregor for European Business Review.

Forming a new habit is hard – making sure that new habit sticks is even harder. Here's MacGregor's a seven-step plan for forming and sustaining your new habit. 

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Three ways to achieve dynamic reflection

The way you think as a leader can leave gaps in the way your business and working relationships develop.

With awareness and know-how you can adapt your thinking mindset to suit the task in hand.

Here are three key strategies to help bring your thinking skills up to scratch.

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Six ways to create better collaborations

Collaboration is a buzzword in modern business.

But it doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you are seeking to transform outmoded models of command and control, says Carol Kinsey Goman, writing for Forbes.

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Be the bold leader your team needs

As a leader, you may not be able to alter the adverse circumstances you and your team face.

But you can choose how you respond, writes Douglas Conant, for LinkedIn Pulse.

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How to transform your firm into an innovation hub

For innovation to thrive, you must create space for open, free-form interaction and engagement.

Get it right – build and nurture innovation-friendly networks – and the ideas will flow.

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Why leaders need to be more engaged

Are you taking more days away from the office, or delaying replies to emails or calls?

These are all signs that you have become disengaged as a leader. And when you disengage, your employees could follow suit, writes Peter Crush for Raconteur.

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How to make better decisions

Growing organisational complexity and proliferating digital communications are a recipe for poor decisions.

To improve the speed and quality of your decisions, categorise the type of decision being made and tailor your approach accordingly.

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Establish a culture of shared goals

Success increases when your teams have the incentive to push towards shared goals.

A Tour de France team manager describes how to convince your employees to surrender individual dreams for the common good.

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How to hire your next chief marketing officer

The top marketing job is a minefield where many talented executives fail. But if you design the role well in the first place, you’ll set up your CMO for success.

Follow these four steps to create the right CMO role from the beginning.

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