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Lessons from your female leaders

Women’s leadership programmes are a well-tested route for boosting female senior executives, but they can also offer important development pointers for your whole organisation, write Natacha Catalino and Kirstan Marnane for McKinsey Quarterly.

When closely examining their own strengths and weaknesses, and the way they operate in the workplace, women are simultaneously putting the whole of their organisation’s environment under the microscope. All too often, the highly valuable information gained is ignored by unreceptive companies, instead of being used to inform potential improvements.


After studying McKinsey’s own long-running ‘Remarkable Women’ programme sessions and interviewing 150 attendees, Catalino and Marnane conclude that men’s and women’s experiences of work do differ and it is the system, not the women, that needs fixing.

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Source Article: When Women Lead, Workplaces Should Listen
Author(s): Natacha Catalino and Kirstan Marnane
Publisher: McKinsey Quarterly