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Make a difference as a nonprofit board member

Stephen Chambers

Leaders are frequently invited to sit on the boards of nonprofit organisations. No matter how big or how small – from local youth sports groups to international aid operations – nonprofits can have real social impact. But how they make that difference is largely dictated by the board members overseeing operations, and by how efficient – or inefficient – they are.

If you approach your role fully prepared to shake things up, you will be setting the organisation up to seize and exploit every opportunity, say William F Meehan III and Kim Starkey Jonker, writing for McKinsey Quarterly.

In a climate where public sector organisations are facing harsh economies, nonprofits are in the enviable position of discovering new sources of financial support. They also have the opportunity to build growth using strong digital frameworks.

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Source Article: The Four Questions To Ask When Serving On A Nonprofit Board
Author(s): William F Mehan III and Kim Starkey Jonker
Publisher: McKinsey Quarterly