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Make troubleshooting no problem

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It’s likely that you spend a fair proportion of your time problem-solving. What’s the secret to overcoming hurdles swiftly so you can get on with the important stuff?

Whether you are a homegrown start-up or a multi-million multinational, obstacles will always be thrown in your path. As you try to concentrate on productivity and innovation, fresh difficulties to troubleshoot are always around the corner.

It’s the way you approach them, rather than having a surefire answer, that could ease your frustration and get you back on course quickly, according to John Boitnott, writing for Inc.com. He says if you learn not to be paralysed by uncertainties, you open the door to creative solutions.

“There is always a way and there is almost never a perfect ‘right’ answer. Knowing that frees you to ask ‘dumb questions' and come up with ‘crazy ideas’. Inevitably one of those ideas might turn out to be the ‘right’ one after all.”

Here are his top tips for efficient problem-solving:

  • Be professional. Stay calm and you’ll win respect.
  • Keep an overview. Prioritise the obstacles that matter.
  • Avoid blaming. Look for solutions rather than dwell on who caused the issue.
  • Make use of your data. Remember that facts and figures are a valuable resource.
  • Practise optimism. Encourage your team to see problems as opportunities.
  • Keep track. Log the results of your tactics and store for future use.

Be organised about dealing with obstacles and you’ll soon be back to growing your business.

Source Article: 6 Leadership Skills That Will Have You Solving Problems Like a Pro
Author(s): John Boitnott
Publisher: Inc.com