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Every good manager knows that people are their most valuable resource. In these articles we show you how to manage effectively to get great things from the people you manage. We'll tell you how to create powerful teams, nurture talent and prevent conflict. All our articles contain the best new business thinking from around the world.

Using dynamic work design

You can have both efficiency and flexibility – if you know how.

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Gain competitive advantage with a neurodiverse team

Broaden your definition of talent for gains in productivity and innovation.

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Get the most from social tools

Don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Avoid these traps and make social tools work for your firm.

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How to grow your own leaders

Assess future potential – not just current competencies – to develop your next generation of leaders.

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How CEOs can compete through human resources

When human resources steps out of its traditional silo and embraces a strategic role the rewards can be significant.

Take these steps to move towards the next generation of HR.

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Future-proof your firm with a skills inventory

Understanding the skills you can draw on within your teams is crucial knowledge.

Start tracking the abilities of your current employees to avoid a skills-gap crisis in the future.

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Tried and tested ways to pick a winning team

Forming the best possible management team is a universal preoccupation for leaders. 

Here's how to bring together the right executives to work on a common vision.

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It's time to focus on your company's health

Want to improve performance and gain a competitive edge?

Focus on your organisational health, instead of just your profit and loss statement, and you’ll soon see tangible results.

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Never undervalue competent management

What is the key to becoming a major player in your industry?

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and stay there, you must acknowledge that operational excellence is vital to executing your strategy.

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Five ways to avoid workplace dysfunction

Rudeness and bullying are rife. To build a better workplace, you must understand what drives bad behaviour and develop strategies to avoid it.

Start by taking a long look in the mirror…

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Can you anticipate when an employee might quit?

A groundbreaking new model, built by marketing academics at Georgia State University,could give you advance warning of a reliable employee’s potential departure.

So you can take early action to persuade them to stay.

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Does your company’s culture ring true?

You may think you have an impressive set of intrinsic beliefs and behaviours that attract top-rate teams.

Here are some key areas where your authenticity might benefit from closer scrutiny.

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How to make the most of ‘multiteaming’

Many workers these days are members of multiple concurrent teams.

While 'multiteaming' increases efficiency and knowledge sharing, it also creates costs and challenges. Here are the solutions to some of these problems.

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Five steps to being a better boss

You've started your own company. You are a successful entrepreneur – so successful that you have been able to hire people to work for you. You are the boss. Finally.

But being a good boss is not the same as being a good entrepreneur.

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Isn't it time you appointed a digital executive?

Your business is reaching a relatively mature stage of digital competence. Isn't it time you appointed a digital executive?

Whatever your circumstances, choose a chief digital officer with the ability to overcome these key obstacles.

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Make learning creative and dynamic in your firm

Top-down formal training methods popular during the 1990s do not equip staff to deal with unpredictability and rapid change, write John Hagel III and John Seely for Harvard Business Review.

Instead of relying on process manuals to tell staff what to do, empower them to learn on the job, creating knowledge and developing new ways to share it.


Engaging employees who struggle with change

When you instigate any change in your organisation there will always be team members who cling doggedly to the status quo.

But ignoring the dissenters can build a virtual wall between those with conflicting viewpoints and encourage a culture of “us” and “them”.

Here's how to steer the two sides to meet in the middle.


Five tips for success when you’ve inherited a mess

It pays to avoid classic pitfalls when the business you take on has been left in a mess by your predecessor. Taking over leadership of any business, especially as an outsider, is a challenge. 

Over half the leaders who take over a mess will have failed within a year and a half.

Here are five ways to avoid stepping on the land mines that were left for you.


Create a winning team to drive innovation

Build creative dissonance into your team and you’ll turbocharge digital innovation.

If there’s one trait humans possess that artificial intelligence (AI) does not, it’s the ability to think outside the box. 

To profit from AI’s ability to accelerate innovation, build your team around creatives who, collectively, combine these six contrasting personalities.


Five steps to escaping the meeting trap

Executives spend nearly 23 hours per week in meetings. If your company’s meetings are badly run, that’s a lot of wasted time – and money.

It's time to institute systemic change. Here's how to escape the meeting trap.

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Why leaders need to be more engaged

Are you taking more days away from the office, or delaying replies to emails or calls?

These are all signs that you have become disengaged as a leader. And when you disengage, your employees could follow suit, writes Peter Crush for Raconteur.

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Five steps to conflict resolution

The key to resolving a disagreement between members of your team is acting as an effective mediator, write Jeanne Brett and Stephen B Goldberg for Harvard Business Review.

People will always disagree with each other – it’s human nature. But if you have to step in, follow these five steps.

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Establish a culture of shared goals

Success increases when your teams have the incentive to push towards shared goals.

A Tour de France team manager describes how to convince your employees to surrender individual dreams for the common good.

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How to conduct reviews effectively

Strategic and operational reviews often fail. 

Leaders spend three to five days per month being reviewed or reviewing someone else. But how useful are reviews? They typically take an hour or so, and half that time is wasted covering what’s already happened.

Writing in Ivey Business Journal, Himanshu Saxena explains why reviews often fail, and how to change your approach.


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