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Every good manager knows that people are their most valuable resource. In these articles we show you how to manage effectively to get great things from the people you manage. We'll tell you how to create powerful teams, nurture talent and prevent conflict. All our articles contain the best new business thinking from around the world.

Peter Drucker's secrets of managing effectively

The late Peter Drucker’s secrets of managing effectively: first, how good are you at the five functions of the manager?

1. setting objectives 2. organising the group 3. motivating and communicating 4. measuring performance 5. developing people

Should you empower your employees or enable them?

'Empowered' people have moved to front-stage in the rhetoric of management.

Fourteen points on quality management from W. Edwards Deming

The Two Big Ds, Drucker and Deming, are my two favourite management gurus.

What the rest of the world can learn from Japanese management

The American economy and its leading corporations are so high in the ascendant that the cult of Japanese management seems increasingly remote.

Today's heroes and hero companies are Bill Gates and Microsoft, Andy Grove and Intel, GE and Jack Welch, etc. Their management methods, especially those of Silicon Valley, are now drooled over in the business schools.

The management revolution and the challenges we all face

Companies will not survive long unless they join a threefold revolution - in management itself, information technology, and global markets.

The three feed off each other. The radical changes in management have become inseparable from those in technology. Without either the global revolution could never have developed such power.

Want better results? You need a flexible management model

Jack Welch, chairman and CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001, was a highly emotional leader who deliberately used his emotional force as a powerful management tool.


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