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Marketing has undergone a transformation with the advent of online business and social media. But the fundamentals of marketing remain. Branding, reputation, databases and sales – a business cannot afford to get these things wrong. These articles pull together the latest thinking on marketing from the world's brightest business brains.

Why you need a ‘price vocabulary’

How a secret pricing language enhances the customer experience.

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What marketers can learn from China

A faster, cheaper and more effective approach.

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Why you need a connected strategy

Choose a revolutionary approach to customer service.

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How to price segment your customers

Make customer segmentation work for your business.

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Get everybody talking about your brand

How online and offline conversations translate into sales.

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How to define your corporate identity

This brand identity matrix can help you harness your strengths.

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How to get ahead in retail

With optimal staff levels and increased product knowledge.

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Help your sales team sell new products

Support your salespeople in promoting new innovations.

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It's time to stop selling solutions

Give B2B customers the tailored outcomes they really want.

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Win over today's consumers

Five ways to tap into the latest shopping trends.

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The power of storytelling

Tap into emotions to get your innovation tale noticed.

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Beware these digital-marketing errors

And work out what your customers really want.

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Max out your B2B value offering

Work out what your customers really want, meet their needs and thrive.

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Personalise ads without alienating consumers

Target your customers without overstepping the mark. 

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Seven ways to land the big deal

Megadeals are the holy grail for many organisations. It’s not unusual for 40% of projected revenues to come from just 1% of deals.

Losing one can mean missing revenue targets. But winning one on the wrong terms can destroy value because of bad pricing or terms and conditions.

Here are seven ways to win the right megadeals.


How to hire your next chief marketing officer

The top marketing job is a minefield where many talented executives fail. But if you design the role well in the first place, you’ll set up your CMO for success.

Follow these four steps to create the right CMO role from the beginning.

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How to win the marketing battle

Marketers must ditch “best practice” and avoid a predictable approach in order to differentiate their brand from the competition, writes Rory Sutherland for Raconteur.

Most businesses love rules. Follow the rules and you’ll be safe. 

This might work for the accounts department, argues Sutherland, but marketing is different. Successful marketers do not follow rules.


How to spot an effective CMO with staying power

Marketing is one of the most rapidly developing areas of the business world and your company needs a champion with the qualities to embrace that challenge for the long haul, writes David Clarke for Strategy+Business.

It’s not so many years since the extent of most companies’ marketing efforts was an advert in the telephone directory. Today it’s a specialised field.


Why you need to understand your products’ demand windows

If you don’t know what the demand windows for your products are, not enough of your customers will be demanding them.

“The most predictable characteristic of today’s consumers may be their variability,” say Emre Sucu, Matt Egol, and Edward C. Landry writing for Strategy+Business. The predictable customer of a certain age, gender and postal code is a thing of a past.

How to put mobility at the heart of your business

Carol Robertson

If you want to succeed in the digital marketplace, embracing the mobile culture is paramount.

Six billion of the world’s inhabitants now have mobile phones. And we use them for instant access to all the information and interaction we need – for both business and pleasure.

The market is changing and marketers must keep up

Terry Frost

The demographics of the future won’t be the same as those of the past, or even the present

Marketers need to be aware that “older demographics that exist today will be wiped out and new ones will emerge.” The cost of living is rising and consumers are struggling to get on the property ladder. This will impact on the life trajectories of different demographics across the UK.


How to make digital and social media work for you

Derek Boshier

Digital and social media hold enormous potential for capturing data on customer behaviour and preferences, but how can marketers untangle and make best use of the key information?

Insights can be drawn from various digital data sources, including social media activity, online searches and even geolocation.

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Do marketers need to be industry experts?

Jiro Osuga

The move towards specialised marketing training is provoking a wider debate over the need for qualifications.

What skills and knowledge do you look for when hiring marketing executives? Do you favour candidates with generic, degree-level training? Can you see more benefit in them learning on the job, or would it be valuable to be versed in your industry before they even step through the...

How loyal customers can grow your business

Lineage by Julie Cockburn

Expensive marketing campaigns might bring you a stream of new customers, but it’s more cost-effective to sustain the loyalty of the ones you already have.

Winning fresh customers might seem the obvious way to expand, but research has shown that purchasers who come back repeatedly can be far more valuable to your business than a one-off customer.



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