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Marketing has undergone a transformation with the advent of online business and social media. But the fundamentals of marketing remain. Branding, reputation, databases and sales – a business cannot afford to get these things wrong. These articles pull together the latest thinking on marketing from the world's brightest business brains.

How can businesses tempt the new debt-averse consumer?

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In  Harvard Business Review, Eric Janszen considers the current economic climate and discusses the challenge of selling to debt-averse consumers.

The lessons of mission-driven companies

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Mission-driven companies come under the spotlight in an entry for Harvard Business Review's Blog Network by Michael V. Russo.

Is the hard-sell approach to marketing necessary in a recession era?

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Writing for, Marc Babej argues that entrepreneurs can learn from recession-era hard-sell marketing techniques, which he says are making a comeback.

Unlocking value with social technologies

Noel Forster, Untitled, Flowers Gallery

Social technologies are a modern phenomenon. They have found favour with consumers at a faster rate than any previous technologies.

Email marketing: how to hit the right targets and get a response

Writing for, Tiffany Black asks experts for their tips on making email marketing more effective. The first piece of advice of is: keep it short and simple and don't waste too much time crafting the email.

How to defend your company’s reputation

Leslie Gaines-Ross uses Harvard Business Review to highlight the issue of companies' reputations coming under attack from "small-scale adversaries in command of a surprisingly potent new-media and social network arsenal: blogs, tweets, text messages, online petitions, Facebook protest sites, and digital videos".

How to give customers a positive encounter with your organisation

Writing for MIT Sloan Management Review, Sriram Dasu and Richard B. Chase attempt to answer the question, "How can service organisations make their encounters with customers more positive?"

Building a brand in the age of social media

On the Harvard Business Review website Patrick Barwise and Seán Meehan offer advice on brand-building, pointing out that the rise of social media means it has never been more important to get the branding fundamentals right.

Tune into customer sentiment to increase your company's profits

Bob Shaw of discusses how companies can grow in tough times by tuning into consumers' pricing and discount sentiments.

A guide to using PR firms for start-ups

On Fast Company, Mark Suster advises entrepreneurs on using PR firms for their start-up companies. He says: "One of the most frequent questions entrepreneurs ask about when they raise a little bit of money or are getting close to launching their first product is whether they should hire a PR firm.

How to make your company’s products more competitive

Competition among global product makers is currently being reshaped by the rising tide of prosperity in developing economies.

The secret of the world's greatest salesman: love your customers

Managers often need reminding that the bottom line may be the end-all of business activity, but that the top line literally comes first.


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