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Masterclasses: How to triple productivity in your business – with a little help from the A-Team

Brilliant ideas from the world’s eight greatest business thinkers, condensed into a new programme that will transform your work life.

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In the true spirit of Leadership Review, we have taken the key business lessons and learnings of eight of the world’s most successful businessmen and thought leaders and condensed them into a 24-part programme that will only tell you the stuff you need to know. You can download and start reading the entire programme right now by signing up for a free two month trial.


You don’t have time to read all of the books written by these gurus. But if you did, these are the passages you would be highlighting with a yellow marker pen. These are the Eureka! moments that will help you be a better leader, and that you can pass on to your clients and colleagues. MEET THE A-TEAM OF BUSINESS LEADERSHIP Over 24 special downloads, eight of the world’s most impressive individuals share their wisdom. It’s a treasure trove of advice that will make you a better leader. Tom Peters – bestselling author of In Search of Excellence, and many other must-read business books, Peters has been at the forefront of management thought for 30 years.

  •  How to achieve excellence – and the crucial part role models play.
  •  Escape the chaos and ensure your business is prepared for change – always.
  •  Why you should ignore the 20/80 rule at your peril.

Warren Buffett – the most successful investor of the 20th century and one of the richest people in the world, Buffett is also a noted philanthropist who has pledged to give away 99% of his fortune.

  • How to invest in stocks – deceptively simple advice from the master.
  • What are the essential qualities of a manager, and do you have them?
  • Are you rational enough to succeed? Take the test.

Andrew Grove – the co-founder of Intel, who has developed many strategies to encourage innovation and believes that “only the paranoid survive”.

  • Why ‘what you measure is what you get’.
  • How to manage other people effectively.
  • Dealing with bad news – and how to turn it into good news.

Peter Drucker – one of the world’s best-known writers and thinkers on the subject of management theory, he invented the phrase “knowledge worker” and was hugely influential around the globe.

  • Are you effective or are you merely efficient?
  • How to accomplish the ‘impossible’.
  • Learn how the best managers innovate.

Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft, and one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

  • Why managing knowledge is the key to success.
  • The six-part strategy for building a brilliant business.
  • How to make the future happen – today.

Jack Welch – former chairman and CEO of General Electric, whose innovative methods of improving effectiveness led to a 4000% increase in GE’s value during his tenure.

  • Throw out the old management skills and embrace the new.
  • How to create a value statement, and why it’s so important.
  • Find boundaries – and break them down.

Charles Handy – the great philosopher/author and Thinkers 50 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Handy also co-founded the London Business School.

  • Are you an autocrat? Take the test – and find out how to manage people better.
  • Make groups work more effectively in your business.
  • How a doughnut can help you balance your life.

Stephen Covey – author of The Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People, Covey, who sadly passed away in 2012, was one of the great experts at improving leadership skills

  • Define your mission – and set your goals to achieve it.
  • Master communication and establish trust.
  • The two vital questions you need to ask yourself.

Each of the 24 downloads in the Eureka! Business Masterclass Programme will help you – and the people you manage – become more effective, achieve better results and feel more in control of your business life. These are the lessons that every business leader and manager must learn – delivered in bite-sized chunks that cut to the chase. No waffle. Guaranteed. Start Now, or read on to find out more about Leadership Review.

Why You Need Leadership Review

Leadership Review is a simple way to keep up to date with the latest articles and features from the most respected business management journals, such as Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Management Today and The Economist. In each issue of Leadership Review you will find summaries of the best articles from the world’s business media. If you want to read more on the subject, it’s a simple case of clicking on the links provided and you will be taken to the original feature. Leadership Review provides solutions to hundreds of common management problems. Most managers are far too busy to do our kind of investigative business management analysis. And we are the best, by far, at doing it.

  • Save your precious time
  • Never miss out on the latest ideas

We understand that time is your most precious resource, and ensure that you don’t waste time trawling the web for the latest business ideas and practice. We also make sure that you don’t miss out. With your membership of Leadership Review you will always stay up to date. Our editors are among the leading creative thinkers in management today. They are highly critical of many business management practices. Our writers give examples of bad practices so you’ll avoid making the same mistakes as others. Then they offer guidelines for a way forward to help you achieve quality management. You’ll build a substantial workbook of best practice procedures for every important aspect regarding the management and development of a successful business, including: Creativity * Decision Making * Lateral Thinking * Priorities * Problem Solving * Risk Strategy * Change Management * Crisis Management * Human Resource Management * Management Consulting * Management Styles * Management Theories * Management Training * Performance Management * Quality Management * Risk Management * Strategic Management * Total Quality Management * Business Analysis * Business Consulting * Business Development * Business Ethics * Business Intelligence * Business Law * Business Magazines * Business Management Skills * Business Strategy * International Business * Internet Business * Online Business * Small Business * Corporate Acquisitions * Corporate Communication * Corporate Culture * Corporate Restructuring * Corporate Responsibility * Corporate Turnaround * Entrepreneurship * Leadership We are offering an exclusive two-month free trial to Leadership Review, so you can try it for yourself with absolutely no risk. As part of your two-month free trial you will gain instant access to all of this:

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PLUS join today and we will also give you our 24-part Eureka! Business Masterclass Programme absolutely free. Start your free trial of Leadership Review now and download your 24-part Eureka! Masterclass right away – it’s yours to keep whether you decide to continue or not. If you do decide to continue, you will pay a special annual rate of just $167. If you decide not to continue for any reason, you can keep all the material you received during your trial.Leadership Review keeps me in touch with current thinking, issues, ideas and changes. It alerts me to changes in culture and trends. It allows me to reflect on, and use some of the ideas and pointers which I can transfer to clients, and help them improve.” –Pamela Neal, Holder of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, Wales “It’s crucial for anyone running a business whatever its size. I like to encourage my brain to think outside of the square…It’s a handy, easy-to-read newsletter with great ideas and suggestions about improving leadership and management skills.” –Ita Buttrose, MD, Ita Buttrose Property, Australia Start your free trial of Leadership Review now.