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Leadership Review is the premium service for busy leaders and managers

Art: Glenys Barton, Flowers GalleryEvery month in Leadership Review we take the most important business writing and boil it down so you can use it to improve your business and career without having to plough through dozens of websites and periodicals – saving you time and making you money. 

With our premium Leadership Review membership, every month we will send you the latest issue containing all of the best up-to-date thinking on leadership and management, with a particular focus on strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship and leading people.

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Why Busy Managers Need Leadership Review

The world of business moves so fast that it is hard to keep up, especially as you have your own business or team to run.  You’re too busy to read even a fraction of what’s published every day.  

It’s so easy to miss out on ideas and knowledge that could transform your fortunes.  

Leadership Review is here to ensure you are 100% up to speed. It’s like having a personal assistant with the sole remit of gathering together all the latest thinking from all of the world’s best business experts and filtering it so that you learn all the important stuff and only the important stuff.

These ideas come from top journals like Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Management Today and McKinsey Quarterly.

Each issue of Leadership Review takes the most insightful articles from the world’s best business media and pulls out the most useful learning, showing you exactly how to apply the latest breakthroughs in thinking to your own business.

Here’s what people are saying about Leadership Review

Leadership Review keeps me in touch with current thinking, issues, ideas and changes… It is great.”
Pamela Neal, Holder of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion, Wales

“It’s crucial for anyone running a business whatever its size… It is particularly useful for small business operators who do so much on their own and rarely have people with whom they can discuss day-to-day problems and ideas – and never have the time to do extra courses or read as much as they should.”
Ita Buttrose, MD, Ita Buttrose Property, Australia

“Helpful tips that can assist anyone. Interesting insight and perspective on the range of issues managers face as part of their role.”
Sue Sansome, Chief Project Officer, Dept for Families and Communities, Australia

“A nice idea box that helps with reconsidering certain behaviours and also innovation in these fast changing times where five years is perceived already as long-term strategy, while only few years ago ten years was long-term…”
Gabriel Haering, CEO, Cerbios, Switzerland

“Current, pertinent, and on the cutting edge of professional developments… Excellent to keep me current and diversified in thought. It is like a staple on the bookshelf.”
Patricia D’Urso, Owner, D’Urso Consultancy, USA

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Here are some of the topics we covered in the latest issue

INNOVATIONArt: Patrick Hughes, Flowers Gallery

• How to prepare for the AI era
• Seven ways to do digital right
• Get your C-suite ready for automation


• Overcome a collaboration blind spot
• Build a creative business strategy
• Create a successful nudge unit


• Attract the right candidate for the job

•Got too much or too little talent?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Leadership Review will keep you up to speed with all the latest thinking in leadership, month after month.

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