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Mine the hidden talent in your team

Julie Cockburn

There is likely more talent in your company than you realise, and it’s time you went in search of it, writes Vicki Huff for Strategy+Business.

You want to discover a hidden gem. What business leader doesn’t want to find that junior team-member who’s working on the next major innovation in their spare time – an idea that will take their company to the next level?

You are desperate to find open-minded innovators, agile risk-takers who are eager to learn, willing to collaborate and unafraid of failure. But if you share the concerns of the CEOs who took part in PwCs 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, you’re concerned that your current employees don’t have what it takes.

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Source Article: Uncovering The Hidden Talent On Your Staff
Author(s): Vicki Huff
Publisher: Strategy+Business