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New business management – are you being left behind?


If you haven’t caught up with the extraordinary changes in the business/management world, it’s time you did.

The best pocket-sized description of the changes, which themselves revolve around global change, comes from Geoffrey James in his book Giant Killers; the book deals with the upstart high-tech companies who have changed (that word again) our world.

The Old World words are on the left, the New World ones on the right – followed by a description of The New.

• Business = Ecosystem.
The new ‘business world is made up of symbiotic relationships formed to exploit market niches.’

• Corporation = Community.
‘A company is a collection of individuals with individual hopes and dreams that are connected to their organisation’s higher purpose.’

• Management = Service.
‘A manager’s job is to set a direction and to obtain the resources that employees need to get the job done.’

• Employee = Peer.
‘Every employee is hired – regardless of position – as if he or she were the most important person in the company.’

• Motivation = Vision.
‘People know where they’re going and are amply rewarded when they get there, so the process of working is filled with energy, enthusiasm and humour.’

• Change = Growth.
‘Change is a desirable thing because it’s part of adapting to new market conditions and growing into new levels of success.’

If you’re still stuck on the left-hand side of these propositions, it’s not to late to win the positive advantages of switching to the right-hand. After all, what do you have to lose? Remember, you can’t not change.

If you’re standing still when other people are moving ahead, you are losing ground to those leaders – and that relative decline that can be every bit as painful as an absolute fall. Lagging behind is hardly going to be to your advantage. So don’t let it happen.

Robert Heller