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New CEOs: the first 100 days


The first 100 days in any new job are highly charged with opportunity, expectation and, yes, tension. Amplify those emotions if a newly hired person is joining a corporate board of directors or stepping into a senior executive position. And turn that dial a notch higher still if the individual is assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer.

It’s best to approach the first 100 days with a plan. The advice which my colleagues and I give to newly-placed CEOs and board members is that they need to give themselves the time necessary for thoughtful observation. Size up the company, assess the talent and consider when to listen and when to act.

Well it’s true that we live in fast-paced times, when markets expect quick, if not immediate, results, it is a mistake to jump into a new board role without first taking the time to investigate the culture and values of the firm. A rush to action to make a mark may turn out to be a costly mistake.

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