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Parallel thinking: the six hats method


The use of the Six Hats method is now growing rapidly around the world. Those who have become familiar with the method look back at argument as crude, primitive and ego-driven.

With the Six Hats method you can still show off. But you now show off by performing better than anyone else under each hat. It is no longer a matter of proving someone else to be wrong. Our ingrained habits of critical disagreement are so often not just a matter of sensible caution, but a mixture of 'power plays' and ego strutting.

There is a proper and necessary place for caution. That place is provided by the 'black hat'. Under this hat everyone sets out to look for risks, dangers, problems, shortfalls, etc. Even those who most like the idea make a genuine effort to identify the faults. Power plays have no place. There is no longer an opportunity to show that some particular person is wrong or that you are smarter than that person.

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