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Pick innovations customers really want

Stephen Chambers

Keeping up with advances in digital technology in terms of what your customers actually desire and need is a growing challenge for many companies, write Jeanne W Ross, Cynthia M Beath, and Martin Mocker for MIT Sloan Management Review.

In a climate where technical possibility is moving constantly and rapidly, it’s important to keep on top of the myriad offerings – such as apps, analytics, AI and connectivity – that could be the right fit for your organisation and your consumers. 

But it’s a task many companies find tricky. The authors studied around 200 businesses globally and say the most digitally successful organisations employ three key ways of finding their best offerings:

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Source Article: Find The Sweet Spot Between What Technologies Can Deliver And What Your Customers Need
Author(s): Jeanne W Ross, Cynthia M Beath, and Martin Mocker