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Plan your first 100 days as boss


The first three months for a new boss is a critical period, writes Matt Regan for Management Today. As the author points out, first impressions count, and a clear and realistic 100-day plan can help you prioritise your time in a key period.

The author emphasises that flexibility of your 100-day plan is essential. You need “a plan to plan”, and instead of expecting to have all the answers from the start, your plan can help you find the time for drawing up strategy and setting key deadlines for you and your team.

Regan insists that being realistic about goals and deadlines is crucial. Remember that you can’t do everything immediately, so be practical about what you can achieve.

The author recommends starting off with a long list of goals but being ruthless about dividing them into immediate priorities and things that can be addressed further down the line. This kind of focus needs to be maintained and it’s important not to get side-tracked into worrying about less important tasks. Enlist the help of your management team in this regard by briefing them on the immediate priorities.

Regan advises that the first week is all about “visibility and communication”.

Although it won’t be possible to meet all of the company’s stakeholders within just seven days, the author insists that there should be some form of communication with them, whether it’s a letter, an email or an invitation to meet in the near future.

Regan highlights some more “must dos” to be completed before you reach the three-month milestone:

  • Share your strategy and vision with all employees, get their feedback and arrange regular follow-up sessions.
  • Create an early opportunity for socialising with employees and stakeholders to break down barriers and encourage collaboration.
  • Look beyond the first 100 days and start to plan your priorities for the future.

How To Create A Winning 100-Day Plan
Matt Regan
Management Today