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Poor remote management destroys staff morale

Managers don’t trust their workers to work remotely and it’s destroying morale. Your leadership is essential for making home-working work.

A new study from Harvard Business Review suggests many managers are struggling to adapt to the unprecedented move to remote working resulting from the pandemic. Almost 40% of managers say they lack confidence in their ability to lead remotely, while nearly three quarters don’t trust, or don’t know if they can trust, their employees to work from home effectively.

Managerial mistrust and micromanagement have left home-working employees feeling anxious, unmotivated and unable to switch off. Here, HBR’s Sharon K. Parker, Caroline Knight and Anita Keller examine the problem and suggest solutions to make remote working work for everyone.

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Source Article: Remote Managers are Having Trust Issues
Author(s): Sharon K. Parker, Caroline Knight and Anita Keller
Publisher: Harvard Business Review