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Preparing for the AI era

Jane Edden

As artificial intelligence becomes an ever more integral part of modern business, you and your employees need to get up to speed with new working methods, write Eva Sage-Gavin, Madhu Vazirani and Francis Hintermann for MIT Sloan Management Review.

Using information from a study by Accenture, the global professional services company they work for, the authors noted that, while the majority of workers acknowledge the coming of the AI age and the need to update their skills accordingly, it’s the company leaders who are lagging behind. And while executives expected a negative response about AI from the majority of their employees, 60% of workers surveyed were ready for the challenge.

If you haven’t established a programme to train your human employees for their potential interaction with intelligent machines – and only 3% of those surveyed had – then it’s time to make a plan. But where’s the best place to start?

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Source Article: Getting Your Employees Ready For Work In The Age Of AI
Author(s): Eva Sage-Gavin, Madhu Vazirani and Francis Hintermann