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Remove bias from the hiring process


Even leaders with the best intentions can succumb to partiality when determining the right candidate for the job, writes Ruchika Tulshyan for Harvard Business Review

Far from being a conscious prejudice, there‚Äôs a natural instinct that draws us towards people most like ourselves and steers us away from those who resemble us least. So, in spite of clear policies, your organisation could be robbing itself of a wealth of diversity in the workforce. 

Tulshyan, an award-winning inclusion strategist, cites what she says is the common case of a global tech business that had made many changes in its recruiting method to encourage more diverse applicants. An increasing number of non-white applicants were being interviewed, but the jobs were still going mostly to white candidates. 

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Source Article: How to Reduce Personal Bias When Hiring
Author(s): Ruchika Tulshyan