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Seven principles of a healthy data culture

Bernard Cohen data

Build a culture that clarifies the purpose, enhances the effectiveness and increases the speed of your analytics efforts.

The data analytics revolution is changing businesses and industries in profound and unalterable ways. But the gap between leaders and laggards in adopting analytics – both within and among industry sectors – is growing. Some companies are doing amazing things; some are still struggling with the basics; and some are feeling overwhelmed.

Writing for McKinsey Quarterly, Alejandro Díaz, Kayvaun Rowshankish and Tamim Saleh argue that the emergence of data analytics means that a healthy data culture is becoming increasingly important. They spoke to analytics leaders at companies from a wide range of industries and geographies.

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Image: Bernard Cohen
Source Article: Why Data Culture Matters
Author(s): Alejandro Díaz, Kayvaun Rowshankish and Tamim Saleh
Publisher: McKinsey Quarterly