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Seven steps to forming a new habit

Cedric Christie Habit

If you want to form and sustain a new habit you should adopt the “7S Model”, writes Steven MacGregor for European Business Review.

Forming a new habit is hard – making sure that new habit sticks is even harder. Fortunately, Dr Steven MacGregor, founder of the Leadership Academy of Barcelona (LAB) and author of Sustaining Executive Performance (2015), has spent ten years studying sustainable behaviour change and has devised a seven-step plan for forming and sustaining a new habit. Here are the seven S’s of MacGregor’s model:

1) Small. You are ambitious – it’s why you have reached the top. But when it comes to forming a new habit, you must rein in that ambition and aim to make one minor behavioural change at a time. The key is to implement the change on a daily basis until it becomes habit, then repeat the process. The cumulative effect of these minor changes will be significant. This theory of “marginal gains” is what enabled the Great Britain Cycling Team to win 22 gold medals in the last three Olympic Games.

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Source Article: Habit Hacking (Part II)
Author(s): Steven MacGregor