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Seven ways to manage procrastinators

Julie Cockburn

Around one in five adults admits to being a chronic procrastinator. People who have a tendency to put things off are tricky to keep on track, but careful management can bring them in line, writes Theodore Kinno for Strategy+Business.

Team members who drag their heels and consistently fail to meet deadlines can be both frustrating and potentially damaging to your business. Having 20% of your employees avoiding what you pay them to do is a nightmare in terms of schedule planning and teamwork. But writing them off as wholly ineffective isn’t necessarily the right, or best, strategy.

Kinno knows from personal experience what it’s like on that side of the table. And he’s in good company – with names like Charles Darwin, Edgar Allan Poe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Leonardo da Vinci also on the dawdlers’ team. You might even recognise yourself as a procrastinator.

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Source Article: Seven Tips For Managing Procrastinators
Author(s): Theodore Kinni
Publisher: Strategy+Business