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Should your leaders seek dominance or prestige?


The two key motivations driving people to become leaders are dominance and prestige. So say Charleen R Case and Jon K Maner, writing for The European Business Review. When selecting a leader, you should be aware of which trait will work best in your organisation and, ideally, find someone capable of displaying both.

When assessing leadership candidates, look not just at whether they have the right skills, knowledge and resources but at why they want the role. This will tell you a lot about how they will behave as leader.

Those primarily seeking dominance want authority, power and control. Those mainly interested in prestige want admiration, respect and status. They may have a mixture of those motivations, but usually there is an overall tendency toward one rather than the other.

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Source Article: Dominance And Prestige: Selecting The Leadership Approach That Fits
Author(s): Charleen R Case and Jon K Maner