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Six secrets of brand longevity

Coca Cola bottle

What is it that keeps some brands alive for decades, or even centuries, while others suddenly emerge and just as quickly disappear? Steve Olenski, writing for Forbes, identifies six approaches that distinguish we-established brands from the rest.

Olenski sees brands as being pressured by the marketing hype surrounding each new trend, and by continuous demographic shifts. The ability to transcend all of this ‘noise’ and stretch out a brand’s lifespan is seen at its most extreme in cases such as:

  • Cambridge University Press – since 1534
  • Moët & Chandon – since 1743
  • im Beam – since 1795
  • Colgate – since 1806
  • Macy’s – since 1830
  • Dr Pepper – since 1885

If you would like your brand to enjoy anything like that kind of longevity, you would do well to adopt the following traits which they tend to share:

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