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Six steps to upskilling your employees

Cedric Christie

Companies and local governments can unlock opportunity by working together to raise the quality of talent.

The industrialised world is facing a skills crisis. Automation is threatening many existing jobs – yet there’s also a shortage of qualified talent for the new digital economy. Writing for Strategy+Business, Laurent Probst and Christian Scharff say these two trends have broadened the gap between the employees of the present and the workforce of the future – resulting in an interest in upskilling. 


The term upskilling refers to the expansion of people’s capabilities and employability to fulfil the talent needs of a rapidly changing economy. An upskilling initiative can take place at the level of a company, an industry, or a community. Upskilling is not the same as reskilling, a term associated with short-term efforts undertaken for specific groups (for example, retraining steelworkers in locksmithing).

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Source Article: A Strategist’s Guide To Upskilling
Author(s): Laurent Probst and Christian Scharff
Publisher: Strategy+Business