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Six ways to be a trustworthy leader

Jack Smith

Does your team trust you? Maybe not as much as you think. Here’s how to win them over.

Research shows that less than half of workers place a “great deal of trust” in their employer. And while 80% of employees trust their colleagues, only 65% trust senior leaders in their companies. Writing in Fast Company, Gwen Moran says that’s a problem. Low levels of trust means employees will look for other jobs, work the minimum hours, and be less engaged and productive.

Earning the trust of your team has real business benefits. Consultant Dennis Reina worked with a troubled airline to turn around a lack of trust in their operations team. Infighting and poor communication was making the team ineffective. In a year Reina significantly increased trust: the department saved $1m as they were able to work well together and cut planning time by two-thirds.

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Source Article: Six Habits Of Trustworthy Leaders
Author(s): Gwen Moran
Publisher: Fast Company