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How CEOs can compete through human resources

When human resources steps out of its traditional silo and embraces a strategic role the rewards can be significant.

Take these steps to move towards the next generation of HR.

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Treat strategy as a hypothesis to be tested

Rigid implementation of strategy leads to failure.

Start treating strategy as a hypothesis, using data from staff and customers as a tool for re-evaluation and revision.

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How to handle a Chinese-style investment deal

How can you ensure you get the best outcome as a Western leader at the Chinese negotiating table?

Understanding the negotiating culture will give you a head start.

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Build a social-purpose programme that works

The best social-purpose programmes are authentic, inform innovation and steer investment towards social causes.

Match your firm’s social aspirations to its growth needs to create social programmes that meet consumers’ expectations and build business value.

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Never undervalue competent management

What is the key to becoming a major player in your industry?

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and stay there, you must acknowledge that operational excellence is vital to executing your strategy.

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How to improve your innovation strategy

Innovation is often viewed as more art than science.

Here's a structured approach to developing new products, using ‘patient’ and ‘impatient’ innovation strategies.

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Strategy basics bootcamp for entrepreneurs

It's easy for entrepreneurs to overlook the need for a clear and coherent business strategy.

Here are the very basics of how to put that right.

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Tailor design thinking to suit your company

Design thinking may be the go-to approach for positive change, but all too often it fails to deliver.

Discover the key steps to help your company use design thinking effectively.

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Six steps to creating an innovation culture

Your company must foster a culture of innovation in order to take advantage of the recent resurgence of corporate R&D departments.

Here's how to create an innovation culture in your firm.

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Why you need an outsider to change your company

As a successful entrepreneur and market disrupter, you might think you have all the right skills to personally handle constructive transformation of your firm. 

But handing over to an outsider could pay off.

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How to navigate the hub economy

The global economy is coalescing around a few digital superpowers. A winner-take-all world is emerging where economic power is now concentrated in the hands of a few digital “hub firms”.

Here’s how you can push back.

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Jeff Immelt on transforming General Electric

GE CEO, Jeff Immelt, has turned the 125-year-old conglomerate into a startup.

As he prepares to leave his job, Immelt’s shares his own insights on how to achieve corporate transformation.

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The art and science of decision making

Could an excessive reliance on data analysis be limiting your company’s scope for imagination and innovation?

Management is more than just a science; discover an alternative approach to business strategy.

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How to fine-tune your vision for effective change

Driving successful change isn’t simply about knowing what you want to achieve and getting the economics and technology right.

If you want your teams fully engaged, you will need to create and communicate an appealing vision of a better future.

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How to adapt your culture to the digital world

For continued success in our digitally driven age, your company’s culture needs some close scrutiny.

It’s up to you to take a strong lead rather than hold out for an organic organisational shift.

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Succeed at digitisation by treating it as an emergency

Treat digitisation as a crisis that’s happening right now by taking the sort of decisive action normally reserved for emergencies.

If you wait for digitisation to disrupt your markets, you’ve already left it too late.

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Three ways to shake up the marketplace like Amazon

In the modern world of sales, Amazon is ever poised to make disruptive moves in any industry it sets its sights on.

But it’s how it sells, rather than what it sells, that gives it the edge.

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Seven ways to land the big deal

Megadeals are the holy grail for many organisations. It’s not unusual for 40% of projected revenues to come from just 1% of deals.

Losing one can mean missing revenue targets. But winning one on the wrong terms can destroy value because of bad pricing or terms and conditions.

Here are seven ways to win the right megadeals.


Three steps to find your next big innovation

When you develop new technologies you can never be sure how the market will respond. Yet the future of a given technology is not as unforeseeable as it might seem.

Here's a three-step method to help you anticipate the next development in your industry. This exercise isn’t just for high-tech firms; it’s been used with managers from grocery stores to hospitals.


How to compete in the new borderless economy

The onward march of digitisation will change the nature of the game for everyone – including your company – over the next ten years.

It's time to recognise and accept this impending change and create a gameplan for a borderless economy.

Here are your four new critical priorities. 

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Four ways to turn your product into a platform

Five of the ten most valuable companies in the world – Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft – get much of their worth from their “multisided platforms”.

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Andrei Hagiu and Elizabeth J Altman outline four ways you can turn your products and services into a platform, and examine the strategic advantages and pitfalls of each.


Five tips for success when you’ve inherited a mess

It pays to avoid classic pitfalls when the business you take on has been left in a mess by your predecessor. Taking over leadership of any business, especially as an outsider, is a challenge. 

Over half the leaders who take over a mess will have failed within a year and a half.

Here are five ways to avoid stepping on the land mines that were left for you.


Why meetings should never mix strategy and operations

As a senior executive, you need to balance the long-term strategic and short-term operational needs of your company. This is not easy, writes Sabina Nawaz for Harvard Business Review, when meetings so readily become dominated by day-to-day concerns.

Here's how to maintain your focus on the long term and stick to the bigger picture.


Three ways to communicate clearly in changing times

To help people understand your strategic vision and implement the change you want, make sure you send the right signals.

This is especially important during times of strategic change.

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Elsbeth Johnson describes three signals that leaders often get wrong, causing confusion, or even the opposite of what they’ve asked for.



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