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Every successful leader or manager possesses a diverse range of business management skills, such team building and motivation. In these articles the brightest business minds discuss the key skills needed to run a company, business unit or team, including time management, goal setting and communication skills.

Health suffers when time equals money

Calculating your employees’ pay on an hourly rate can raise their psychological stress levels and eat away at their enjoyment of life, writes Martin J Smith for Stanford Business.

Workers who believe that every second counts in terms of the monetary value placed on their time are more likely to suffer from potentially damaging mental pressures, according to new academic research.


Sleepy millionaires give hope to late risers


Is rising daily before the crack of dawn an essential to success as an entrepreneur? Apparently not. Sleep-loving Carol Roth has interviewed seven fellow millionaires for Entrepreneur to prove the point.

The successful American TV and radio personality, author and investor cites positive reasons why she and her interviewees get out of bed between 8am and 9.30am.

Five strategies to reduce the ill effects of commuting

Jiro Osuga

Commuting can negatively impact employees’ performance and wellbeing.

Workers with long commutes are more anxious, less satisfied with life and less likely to find their job and daily activities satisfying. They are also more exhausted and less productive at work, and more likely to get divorced. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your commute a more positive...

How to handle negative emotions at work

Ishbel Myerscough

Negative emotions in the workplace are too often brushed aside – or even taboo. This is counterproductive and costly.

Ignoring negative emotions stores up trouble. Yet, if you learn to face them, you will have a happier, more productive and engaged workforce who are more likely to stick around.

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Three fresh ways to kickstart your team’s creative brainpower

John Loker

If you’re after more productive results from your company’s brainstorming sessions, try these new approaches.

Traditional brainstorming doesn’t work because it goes against the way our creative brains work best.

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Five ways to combat excessive collaboration and boost your productivity

Kisoo Kwon

Detect the root cause of all those time-consuming meetings and messages and let your teams get down to the real work.

The old adage that two heads are always better than one has been taken to extremes in many modern businesses, and statistics show that an overdose of multiple collaborations is ultimately uneconomical.


Emotional intelligence: why it should be on your interview checklist

Glen Baxter

If you want to build great teams, you need people who can read people

“Building up a team of emotionally intelligent employees can have a surprisingly powerful impact on your company’s overall performance.

Your company needs emotionally intelligent employees to foster positive relationships with both clients and staff, and to spot and troubleshoot potential sources of conflict...

A five-step approach to making your reorganisation work


If you’re thinking about embarking on a company reorganisation, it’s worth bearing in mind that 80% of them fail to meet their objectives in the time planned. In fact, 10% of them do significant damage.

“How you go about your reorg is as important as – and sometimes more important than – what you do.”

Here’s a five-step process for getting it right:

How to maximise your virtual network


When it comes to networking: bigger is better. Thanks to today’s virtual networking opportunities, you can easily build and maintain relationships with contacts around the world.

Face-to-face meetings are the perfect way to conduct business; the ideal way to read, get to know and understand your contacts. However, raising your international profile can also result in professional...

Three ways to turn stress into a positive force

Stress has become a modern obsession, but is trying to get rid of it really the best idea?

Some of us wear it in false modesty like an endurance medal, while others proclaim how hard they work to banish it through mindfulness or exercise.

The truth is that stress is inescapable. We should change focus and embrace it as a powerful tool, rather than fight a perpetual battle...

How to play the mergers and acquisitions game

If you want to make a deal that works, pay close attention to the data.

Around “70% to 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve value for the buying company”, says Adi Gaskell, writing for Forbes. In the majority of cases, it’s the company being acquired that achieves most of the value out of the deal.

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Why brainstorming needs to change

Traditional brainstorming is a source of groupthink and rarely leads to innovation.

The unwritten rules of a brainstorming session are that all ideas are valid and everyone can feel supported and safe from criticism, no matter how weak or unworkable their suggestions. But studies suggest that it’s better to think alone and share later.

Read on to find out how to brainstorm better...

Don’t let lies spoil your negotiations

Sometimes people lie in negotiations, but while you might might think you’re good at spotting a fib, research suggests you’re not as good at sifting fact from fiction as you think.

Multiple studies demonstrate that only a little over half of us can actually spot a lie. But you can learn to make life hard for liars, according to professor Leslie John, writing for Harvard Business Review...

Increase your charisma in five simple steps

Charisma isn’t always innate – you can learn it. Here's how you can increase your charm quotient to help you get ahead.

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Seven ways to become your industry’s next expert

Becoming the authority in your field is a great way to grow your business, says Brian Horn, writing for

The author outlines seven easy ways to become your industry’s next expert:

1) Educate. Offer your customers free and valuable information, via blog posts, seminars and newsletters.


Ten habits of great entrepreneurs

entrepreneur in office

Have you got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Drew Hendricks, writing for, gives the lowdown on ten habits you need if you are going to make it big.

1) They work tirelessly. Successful entrepreneurs make things happen because they are action-oriented and work tirelessly to succeed.

Stop blocking collaboration in your firm

Professionals who collaborate with their colleagues on cross-disciplinary work generate more revenue, inspire greater client loyalty and give their firms competitive edge, says Heidi Gardner in Harvard Business Review.

Five strategy beliefs that are just plain wrong

John Loker - Space is a Dangerous Country - Worlds Divide 2

We know a great deal about what strategy is, but very little about how to make strategy work, write Donald Sull, Rebecca Homkes and Charles Sull for Harvard Business Review.

Ten essential lessons for entrepreneurs

For some entrepreneurs, things seem to fall into place on their rise to financial success, observes Jayson Demers, writing for

However, in spite of appearances, their success is not down to luck but rather an understanding of the importance of learning, adapting and growing, says the author.

Using your emotions in negotiations

Learn to use your emotions and you will be a better negotiator, writes Shirli Kopelman for the HBR Blog Network.

Many people fear acknowledging emotions at work, believing they only cloud judgement and impede reasoning. But, argues the author, your emotions can be an important negotiating tool, giving you energy and expression.

Five ways to ruin your career

Five common mistakes could be damaging your career potential, writes Cheryl Lock for Fast Company via Learn Vest. Learn what they are and how to fix them.

How to plan for the long term and the short term at the same time

Is it possible to invest in tomorrow without damaging performance today? Ken Favaro, writing for Strategy+Business, looks at short-term/long-term tension and how to get over it.

How to thrive in a slow-growth industry

Weak markets are not a valid excuse for a company’s slow growth, write Kasturi Rangan and Evan Hirsh for Strategy+Business. With the right market proposition, you can achieve success, no matter what state your industry is in.

Tips on better time management

Time management is one of the biggest challenges in the modern workplace. Many leaders complain of being short on time or are looking for ways to improve productivity.

With that in mind, Frances Booth, writing for, shares a long list of time management tips, including:


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