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Ten innovatory ideas


Here are ten steps to help innovation…

  • Concentrate on areas where you already have strengths
  • Work concurrently – not in sequence – from the earliest possible stage by bringing all affected interests together as a team
  • Decentralise the task to individuals or business units – existing or special purpose
  • Bring together people of different cultures, backgrounds and abilities
  • Pick leaders from people with relevant past success
  • Plan up-front, and thoroughly, before starting any projects
  • Forget protocol – encourage good ‘unauthorised’ projects
  • Invest in success by backing proven good projects to the hilt, but . . .
  • Identify the weak projects early on – and put them out of their misery
  • Remove barriers between people, departments and outsiders (like suppliers), so that good ideas aren’t blocked by vested (or dumb) interests.

Robert Heller