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The entrepreneurial manager


Everybody would like to make money – and success will usually depend on the degree of enterprise that is intelligently applied to the business idea.

And many well-landed inheritors of wealth have finished up ‘skint’ despite their favourable start, because they lack either enterprise, or professionalism – or both. Or they may not be hungry enough! Necessity can be a real mother of invention.

Whether it is the latest ‘dot.com’ idea or carving reproduction antique furniture, there has to be a vision and it has to be related to a credible market. The market may not be self-evident to everybody (especially to bankers and other sources of venture funds) – and it may not be too evident to the targeted buyers of the vision; but it has to be clear enough to become credible in the real world of the target market. There will be obstacles galore, from unbelieving finance houses to sceptical buyers. But the entrepreneur with the vision and understanding of the market will not be easily deterred.

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