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The foundations of freelance success


There are popular images of entrepreneurs – such as a startup founder, someone running a franchise or a veteran business owner.

However, one type of entrepreneur not often considered is a freelancer, observes Jon Salm, writing for Entrepreneur.com.

The author shares some tips for entrepreneurs looking to build a freelance career:

• Market yourself. No matter what your specialist skills are, you need a personal marketing strategy. No one will know you are available for hire if you don’t put yourself out there.

You need an online presence, using tools such as social media accounts, a personal website and a digital portfolio.

• Set a schedule, goals and expectations. Whatever the timescale of your project, you need to set yourself deadlines and management expectations with clients.

It is important you stay on track, so don’t stop thinking about the delivery date and what is expected of you.

• Communicate effectively. This is the foundation for business success, insists Salm – and especially important for freelancers.

Staying on top of communication will help to eliminate the problems caused by the physical distance between you and your client. Make sure you’re available and keep track of your email, phone calls and direct messages.

Salm points out that screen-sharing apps can help when discussing the detailed and intricate aspects of a job.

• Follow up, build your network and grow. Salm comments: “You’ve finished a project and sent your invoice to the client. This might seem like the end of you and your client’s working relationship, but it’s not. Follow up with the client a week or two after the project has been delivered, and ask for feedback. If it’s positive, ask for them to recommend your work to others, endorse you on LinkedIn or provide a short testimonial for your website or portfolio.”

Source Article: How To Make It As A Freelance Entrepreneur
Author(s): Jon Salm
Publisher: Entrepreneur.com