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The power of storytelling

Tim Mara

Stories are more important than ever in the world of business innovation. Learning how to tell them well, and with an engaging twist, is essential, according to Julian Birkinshaw, writing for McKinsey Insights.

Birkinshaw cites as prime examples the tales of James Dyson, whose bagless vacuum cleaner was finally perfected after more than 5,000 attempts; and Art Fry of 3M, who was inspired to invent the Post-it note after losing the page markers in his hymn book.

We don’t all have such immediately striking sagas, but each innovation has a story behind it – whether that’s an exciting technical discovery, a dogged innovator, a slow and steady burn or something more kooky.

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Source Article: Telling A Good Innovation Story
Author(s): Julian Birkinshaw
Publisher: McKinsey Insights