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The real reasons you’re not getting promoted

Tai-Shan Schierenberg promotion

If your career is going nowhere, maybe it’s you that’s the problem. Here’s what you might be getting wrong and how to fix things for the better.

You’re an excellent candidate, but you keep missing out on promotion. The bad news is, there’s clearly a problem, the good news: it’s probably trivial. Writing for Harvard Business Review, Elena Lytkina Botelho and Katie Semmer Creagh explain that the further your career progresses, the more the little things matter.

Based on their analysis of the careers of 20,000 CEOs and other top execs, the authors present their findings. Here’s what might be interrupting your upward trajectory, and what to do about it.

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Source Article: What To Do If Your Career Is Stalled And You Don’t Know Why
Author(s): Elena Lytkina Botelho and Katie Semmer Creagh