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The return: How to be ready for anything

When planning for the future is impossible, you need to be ready for anything at all times. Here’s how to train for resiliency in the face of uncertainty. 

The future has seldom been so uncertain but by establishing a flexible focus on four key business areas, it is possible to be ready for it. Writing for McKinsey & Company, Mihir Mysore, Bob Sternfels and Matt Wilson say preparing to face whatever lies ahead is akin to “developing a new ‘muscle’: an enterprise-wide ability to absorb uncertainty and incorporate lessons into the operating model quickly”.


It might not be possible to paint an accurate picture of the future, but there are four areas where uncertain outcomes will have an impact on your business.

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Source Article: Return: A New Muscle, Not Just A Plan
Author(s): Mihir Mysore, Bob Sternfels and Matt Wilson
Publisher: McKinsey & Company