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The three key questions to ask recruitment firms


Writing for Forbes.com, Larry Myler observes that if a recruitment company can’t find, hire, develop and retain an extraordinary workforce for itself, it’s unlikely it will be able to help your company.

Myler suggests three key questions you should ask recruitment firms before choosing one to help build your workforce:

1) What is their annual loss rate of both employees and customers? The author comments: “A recruiting firm that can’t retain employees may be hard pressed to hire ‘keepers’ for you. Look for an employee turnover rate of less than 20%. Also, a firm’s past customer retention rate may be indicative of how satisfied you would be with the quality of the firm.”

2) Do they hire, train and manage their own employees to elicit innovation? You want employees who think and act like owners, seeking ways to decrease costs, increase revenue and implement company strategy.

You need people who can creatively help you reach your financial performance goals. If a recruiting firm isn’t able to assemble this kind of workforce for itself, it can’t help you.

3) Do their employees consider their company to be a great place to work? If your recruiter can’t create an empowering and engaging work environment themselves, how can they find the right people for your culture?

Source Article: Three Questions To Ask Before Engaging A Recruitment Firm
Author(s): Larry Myler
Publisher: Forbes.com