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Three ways to achieve dynamic reflection

Julie Cockburn

The way you think as a leader can leave gaps in the way your business and working relationships develop. With awareness and know-how you can adapt your thinking mindset to suit the task in hand, writes Jesse Sostrin for Strategy+Business.

The fast pace of contemporary business rarely allows time for dynamic reflection, so thinking on your feet is a daily reality for most leaders. Being able to choose the best thinking strategy for a particular issue can make a huge difference to outcome.

Are you more inclined towards the analytical, the practical, the relational or the experimental? Each of these approaches has its place, and we all have an individual mix of them. Knowing how to tap into each when appropriate will give you a powerful toolbox for managing people, projects and priorities as the need arises.

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Source Article: How Leaders Can Improve Their Thinking Agility
Author(s): Jesse Sostrin
Publisher: Strategy+Business