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Turn your company from monolith into ecosystem

Patrick Hughes

Is your business stuck in an outmoded, monolithic model? The structure of most large companies is still rooted in an immovable system that could eventually lead to self-destruction, writes Suketu Gandhi for Ivey Business Journal.

As digital technologies continue to blossom, the large and impersonal corporate culture, constricted by barricades it has constructed around itself, is facing its swan song, writes Gandhi. And if you don’t commit to change, those big walls could soon come tumbling down around you.

It’s time to recognise the growing limitations of the unwieldy status quo within your organisation and to embrace the benefits that an ecosystem model – working with outside partners where appropriate – could bring to you and, most importantly, to your customers.

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Source Article: Topple Your Monolith Before It Crumbles
Author(s): Suketu Gandhi