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Turning cultural differences to your advantage

Glen Baxter

How can a product or service be wildly successful in one part of the world but of relatively little interest in another? Andrea Loubier, writing for Forbes, explores the importance of culture in differentiating your business, making it work in other countries and motivating your team.

While globalisation may seem to have made the world smaller and more uniform, cultural differences are still significant. Addressing those differences can be a key to succeeding against larger and comparatively monolithic companies in any given region or country.

Loubier argues that cultural differences should be recognised, embraced and used to gain advantage, both within your organisation and in your external business dealings. In a diverse team, colleagues can learn much from each other and be better equipped to build your business internationally. A company mindset that values diversity is also likely to engender a culture in which staff are happy and productive.

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Source Article: Why Your Country’s Culture Is A Key Differentiator
Author(s): Andrea Loubier
Publisher: Forbes