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What questions do directors need to ask about talent management and succession-planning?

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Writing in BusinessWeek, Claudia Lacy Kelly, the global practice leader of Spencer Stuart's Human Resources Practice, outlines key questions that corporate directors should ask about talent management.

The questions are:

  • What succession-planning process is in place for the senior executive level (CEO, CFO, CIO, CHRO and business-unit leaders)?
  • How does the company assess the competence of its senior executives and the people immediately below them?
  • How much time do senior executives spend succession planning at the top level?
  • Who is responsible for leadership/career development and succession planning below CEO level?
  • How is the company dealing with global workforce planning, where are the talent gaps for the next five years, and how will they be filled?
  • Is the company doing enough to retain mission-critical and high-potential talent?
  • Does HR have the critical leadership necessary to address these key questions?

What Directors Should Ask about Talent Management
Claudia Lacy Kelly