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Which kind of leader are you?

Julie Cockburn

Leaders rely on a portfolio of mindsets. Understand the strengths and pitfalls of each – and which ones you use – to have a greater impact on your organisation.

Who do you serve? Your answer says a lot about your leadership style. Writing for MIT Sloan Management Review, Modesto A Maidique and Nathan J Hiller draw on psychological research and interviews with leaders to identify six leadership mindsets: the Sociopath, the Egoist, the Chameleon, the Dynamo, the Builder and the Transcender. Each has its own assumptions and beliefs about the nature of leadership.

1) Serving no one: the Sociopath. Sociopaths show a reckless disregard for others and lack of empathy. They are also typically charming and effective at manipulating others. Their reliance on fear as a motivator sometimes delivers short-term compliance and results, and may get them promoted. Their ethics are transient, and they believe the rules don’t apply to them.

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Source Article: The Mindsets Of A Leader
Author(s): Modesto A Maidique and Nathan J Hiller