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Why diversity matters most in uncertain times

Inclusion and diversity are at risk or being neglected in the crisis, but are critical for business recovery and resilience.

As companies cope with COVID-19 disruption, there’s a risk that inclusion and diversity (I&D) may recede as a strategic priority. Writing for McKinsey & Company, Kevin Dolan, Vivian Hunt, Sara Prince and Sandra Sancier-Sultan argue that pulling back on I&D now puts you at a disadvantage. They explore what you can do to ensure that I&D remains a core part of your agenda during the downturn – and beyond.

If you pull back on I&D now, not only could you face an immediate backlash from customers and staff but also, down the line, fail to better position yourself for growth and renewal. Some of the qualities that characterise diverse and inclusive companies – notably innovation and resilience – will be essential as companies recover from the crisis. I&D also contributes to the wider effort to revive economies and safeguard social cohesion.

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Source Article: Diversity still matters
Author(s): Kevin Dolan, Vivian Hunt, Sara Prince and Sandra Sancier-Sultan
Publisher: McKinsey & Company