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Why innovation should never be comfortable

George Blacklock

True innovators know that while creativity is play, it’s not a game. Only by embracing the harsh side of innovation can you create the kind of organisation of which Steve Jobs would be proud.

From the outside, innovative organisations look like bean-bag-strewn utopias where bespectacled hipsters play ping pong and plan the next generation of mobile computing. But there’s much more to nurturing a culture of innovation than installing table football and funky decor. For creative and entrepreneurial people to truly shine, order must underpin freedom.

A willingness to experiment, embracing failure, fostering a sense of psychological safety and collaboration within a flat hierarchy – these tenets of creative cultures sound like fun. But, writing for Harvard Business Review, Gary Pisano argues that, for these key traits to thrive, you must embrace the responsibilities that come with them, or you’re wasting your time.

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Source Article: The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures
Author(s): Gary P Pisano